Генеральный партнёр клуба







Saint Petersburg Yacht Club has its own emblem and flag

The emblem depicts a traditional shield with the rib of a classic sailing boat consisting of four parts, each presenting a particular symbol. The top left hand corner shows intersected sea and river anchors, on top of which stands a ship’s bell. Combined, they represent the marina. Furthermore, the anchors are a reference to the Saint Petersburg coat of arms, which similarly portrays two anchors. To the right of this symbol is a vessel coasting through waves under starlight. Such an image conveys the romance of sailing. Underneath, we see the Lakhta emblem. Lakhta is the historical area where the Hercules Yacht Harbour is situated today, and it is where the Thunder Stone originated from. This stone was used for the pedestal of the famous statue of Peter the Great, “The Copper Horseman”, which resides in Saint Petersburg. Thus the stone, combined with the white sea-gull, embody the historical legacy of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club. The last part of the shield portrays an anchor in front of a set of wings. This is the traditional hydro-aviation symbol, and it is an appropriate one, for one of the two seaplane ports in Russia is based in Hercules.



Commodore's burgee
Vice-commodore's burgee


Honorable member's flag

Masthead flag